Saturday, 18 June 2011

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth Review

Confession Time. I hate cleaning, with a passion.  Obviously, since Squeaky's arrival, the general standard of hygiene in our house has had to improve, and has done so hundred-fold.  But I still hate it. Additionally, SqueakyDaddy seems to be unable to differentiate between a washing-up sponge & a cleaning cloth, which means I'm greeted with the horrifying sight of the cloth I used last night to clean up the gross stuff from under the freezer being used to wash my coffee mug.  With that in mind, I started buying disposable anti-bac wipes.  Except that Squeaky can't differentiate between baby wipes & anti-bac wipes, and is fascinated with pulling them all out of the packet to give them a gentle chew.  And in our house, storage space is at a premium.

So.  You can see the dilemma.  Can't use a cloth for cleaning, can't use wipes. What's left?  That's where the Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth comes in, and I was lucky enough to receive a sample.  The multi-cloth bridges the gap between kitchen roll and more durable cloths.  It's thin enough to behave like a paper towel, but strong enough to use to clean, soak up spills or even polish the mirrors.  (I hate doing that, by the way).  And because it's disposable, you don't have a mucky cloth lying around, or a pre-soaked wipe, both of which have some strange attraction to small people.

I put my Thirst Pockets through their paces, first of all with Squeaky's high chair, after a particularly tasty dinner including baked beans.  Normally this would require a couple of anti-bac wipes.  Instead, a couple of squirts with the multi-surface spray, and one Multi Cloth sheet.  Even scrubbing away in the drinks holder didn't damage the sheet, and it was still intact at the end of cleaning the tray, enabling me to use the cloth to pick up the bits Squeaky had kindly deposited in the chair itself, rather than having to get some normal kitchen roll to gather the bits up in.

I then went on to test them out in the bathroom, where I'd had a bath with a lovely cocoa butter bath bomb thing.  Smelled gorgeous, but left cocoa butter smears all up the sides of the bath.  That takes quite some elbow grease to shift, but a combination of hot water, bathroom spray & a couple of Multi Cloth sheets and the bath was as clean as can be.  No photos of this because I have a hideous chocolate brown bathroom suite from 1974 when the bathroom extension was added to my house.  No-one needs to see how horrible my bathroom is.  Shiny doesn't happen, it only needs to see a single water droplet to be nasty and marked again.

Finally, I tackled the two big mirrors in the living room.  A single sheet was enough to apply and wipe off the glass cleaner, and left both mirrors shiny and streak-free.  Apparently this is to do with longer fibres than in normal paper-making, and a latex binder which keeps the cloth strong, and allows it to be rinsed, wrung & reused.

I'm still not going to put Kim & Aggie out of a job, but at £2.39 from Tesco, Asda, Morrisons & Sainsburys, the Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth sounds a pretty good deal compared to what I'd spend on anti-bac wipes & standard kitchen roll, and makes my life that little bit easier.

Disclosure: I was provided with a pack of Thirst Pockets free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I was not told what to write, and all opinions are my own.  Links are provided for your convenience only, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme & will not receive reward for their use.

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