Monday, 20 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Behaviour Therapy

OK, ok, there's times where we all need a little therapy.  Especially when confronted with a whole load of bargains & not enough cash to snaffle them up.  My finds today are the second half of my NCT sale purchases from last week.  Unfortunately I discovered that I hadn't had such a bargain after all, as I somehow managed to lose my sat-nav at the same time, so I've had to get a new one, and they don't often crop up in Merthyr's charity shops.

Well.   I've mentioned before that we're one of the dying breed that still has a functioning VCR.  I spotted this video on the window ledge while I was queuing up to pay for my finds, and had to squeeze past someone who had grabbed that spot to escape the mayhem in order to reach it.  I love Baby Einstein, we've got 3 (I think) of the CD's, acquired from pound shops here & there, and Vivaldi works very well in relaxing La Squeak, even though it just makes me think I'm on hold to the gas board or something.  So when I spotted the video, I had to have it.  It hasn't gone on yet, because there's a Spaghetti Junction style mess of wires at the back of the telly to plug in almost every electronic item known to mankind and I don't know which does what.  But as soon as I can make SqueakyDaddy deal with it, we will be being cultured.

My other find is more for entertainment value than actual practical use.  I don't really believe in parenting books to any great degree - I have a copy of What To Expect, and only really used it for "Is that normal?" type questions when I didn't want to see my insane health visitor.  The less said about Gina Ford the better. I read less than a page before I wanted to set the Contented Little Baby Book on fire.

This is pretty funny, and common sense for the most part.  I do regularly bemoan the fact Squeaky didn't come with an instruction manual, so this is as near as it gets.  It's a bit American in places, and a bit bloody odd (recommends brushing teeth from age 2???????????  Errr, what?)  But if it deals with a few of my WTF type panics then it was worth the 50p.

So that's my treasures for the week.  Other people have found far prettier things than me (or freakier in at least one case. You know who you are!)  Why not have a look? Me and My Shadow


  1. Freaky? Moi??!

    Anyway, I've discovered by the power of Google Chrome I can now comment on blogs again - hoo-bloody-rah!

    Lucky you for still having a video player. I be-moan the fact we chucked ours everytime I see tapes for 20p each.

    I'm with you on the baby books thing. Never read one, but I know me and Ms Ford would never get along!


  2. Hehe, I'm not going to comment on the doll head! I too have nolonger a video player :( but all the better for you to snaffle up the bargains!

  3. Oh no! Bossy Satnav lady, we hardly knew ye.

    I'm going to have to start doing Magpie Mondays, I think.

  4. (Just realised you probably can't see any email address etc. that you'd recognise on my profile - this is Sarah. :D)

  5. Sarah - don't worry, Bossy Satnav Lady is fine, it was her predecessor, Tomtom Tina who got lost in Swansea. Poor girl, I hope she finds her way home.


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