Saturday, 11 June 2011

Going Potty?

Sometimes I think I might be, you know.

No, actually.  What it is is this... how do you start potty training? And when?  Squeaky's 17 months next week.  For quite a while now, she's waited until she's had a wet nappy changed before doing a poo.  And she's now telling us (sometimes, not reliably) that she needs her nappy changed because she's done a poo in it.

So. Where do we begin?  While the nursery are good, and will help in whatever way they can, I kind of feel like I need a week or so off work, so there's some continuity, at least to start with.  I'm also a bit wary of starting too soon.  With a lot of Squeaky's learned skills (cups, self-feeding, cutlery, etc) we've waited a bit longer than some of her friends, until she's been really ready for it, and then it's been a breeze.  Could the same happen here?  I don't want to delay her unnecessarily, but I don't want to push her too far too fast & create problems.

(When are they ever going to send me Squeaky's instruction manual?)

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