Monday, 6 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Falls Over In Shock!

This isn't the Magpie Monday post I planned to write today.  You'll have to wait until another time to see some of my very favourite books ever (and it gives me more time to rootle around the back of the shelves & take photos)

Instead, today's post is brought to you by nothing short of a miracle.  Actually, make that two miracles.

Miracle number 1. (You decide which bit is the miracle).  This lovely top was hanging in my local British Heart Foundation shop.  A Rocha John Rocha cotton top with a tie back detail & sequin detail (which I didn't notice til I got home).  I've had a few items of baby clothes, but never seen adults' John Rocha in the charity shop.  £4.99, and a size 14.  As I'm normally a 16, and still think I'm the 18-20 I was pre-pregnancy, it's a bit of a shocker to find it fits.

Miracle number 2.  I wore it on Saturday to go out to lunch with the in-laws, and SqueakyDaddy actually noticed it and said "That's a nice top".  He never notices ANYTHING I wear, ever.  That's definitely worthy of comment, and made every penny well spent.

I also found this rather silly top in the PDSA shop, oddly in a half-price sale rack. No returns.  I never thought you could return charity shop items, it'd never occurred to me to try, at least not for a refund, I'd just re-donate if they didn't work out for me.

PDSA was definitely the right place to find M&S zebra print, I'm sure you'll agree.  I haven't had the nerve to wear it out yet, it's a little bit attention seeking, but given the right accessories...

I was good too, you know.  I popped in the hospice shop, normally home to a lovely collection of commemorative teacups for various royal events & the like, so if that floats your boat, head to Merthyr & I'll take you round. Hiding up at the back, with the books & videos, I spotted a pair of acid yellow pyrex dishes with their lids.  Really acid yellow, plain glass & yellow external finish on the bowls with clear lids.  Clearly vintage, well used, from the wear to the yellow on the bottom, but the most fantastic colour.  £2.50 for the pair. I really don't need them, and really don't have the space for them, so I had to leave them behind.  But I have a nasty feeling if they're still there in a few weeks, they'll end up in my cupboard anyway.  Send help.

Follow the Magpie Monday link to see some of this week's other treasures, and maybe add your own.
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  1. Pyrex!! you must must must buy them (I have a weakness for vintage opaque pyrex!)

    Lovely tops and glad they got you noticed!

  2. When in doubt, always buy the vintage Pyrex, full stop.

  3. (Comment transferred from twitter @missielizzieb)

    Gahhhh still can't comment on your blog. Love your #magpiemonday. Great your OH noticed your new top - mine never notices anything! can't believe you had the will power to leave the Pyrex! Bet you go back for it! LOL


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