Sunday, 12 June 2011


The weather is MINGING.  There's no other word for it, it's minging, plain & simple.  To the extent that I've had to put the heating back on - my excuse is that I really need to get the bed linen dry so I can make up the spare bed as I've got a friend staying in the week, and I can't leave it damp in the washing machine indefinitely.  But really it's because I'm cold.

I had planned to hit Swansea like a large hitting thing today, there's a couple of car boot sales I wanted to mooch round, as well as the NCT sale.  But seeing as the weather has decided to dump 6 months' worth of rain on us in the space of not much time at all, I gave the car boots a swerve.  No point in drowning myself in a muddy field when the only vendors there will be the mobile phone guys and a couple of coffee vans.

So I headed to the NCT sale instead.  That was indoors so I figured I'd be safe.  HA!  I've got a few gripes about NCT sales in general, but I tend to forget them when faced with the siren call of "bargains! cheap & pretty things!"  It was hammering down.  But this is the NCT sale, and when they say general admission at 10.30, they do not mean 10.29.59.  They mean 10.30 and not a second before, so we all had to queue in the school car park like a hoard of drowned rats, and everyone was dripping on the clothes.  Would it really have hurt to start letting people in a couple of minutes early (yes, I know it's members' admission for the first 15 mins, but there weren't any members going in, just drowned rats outside)

I've been to the Cardiff sale a couple of times, and I really enjoy it.  It's not exactly practical, the toys & equipment are all upstairs, so you either have to take a friend & take it in turns to wrangle babies & pushchairs, or park up somewhere downstairs & hope no-one mistakes your buggy for one for sale.  But there's some monumental bargains to be had, some really beautiful stuff for very good prices.  Same can't be said for Swansea.  Same rugby scrum, same level of mania, but for what?  I'm really sorry Swansea people, but most of the stuff was tat.  And expensive tat.  If I want to pay full price for things, I'll go to the shop & buy them new.  Particularly when they're supermarket clothes anyway, which aren't really known for their durability. Honestly. The amount of stuff that was full price, or nearly full price was amazing.  Don't get me wrong, I still found myself a few bargains (more on that tomorrow), but I had to work for them.

Then off to Mothercare for some drawer locks (Squeaky has decided that the little chest of drawers doubles as a climbing frame), and home in the rain.

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