Monday, 27 June 2011

Magpie Monday - Matching Up & Catching Up

A couple of finds this week, one an emergency "keep Squeaky entertained" purchase - it was this or something far more expensive & probably chocolate flavoured if she'd had her way...  I'm not the world's biggest fan of In The Night Garden... to be honest it gives me a bit of a headache, but she's quite entertained by it. Poor Tombliboo Ooo, who drank too much Pinky Ponk juice and felt ill.  I shan't spoil the story for anyone else who may want to read it in the future, but suffice it to say that the cure doesn't involve Alka-Selzer, paracetamol of lying down on the sofa all day saying "Never Again".  Clearly Pinky Ponk juice is not vodka.

The "Matching Up" part of this week's title is for our next item. Remember the NCT sale a couple of weeks ago, where I found a Jasper Conran shirt-dress?  Well, this week in our local Heart Foundation store (always the most reliable), I found these lovely Jasper Conran trousers.  Same size (18-24) with turn up hooks inside, so they can be crops or standard trousers. They'll go really nicely with that white top, so Squeaky can be all Jaspered up.  Matching clothes from completely different sources, I'm quite pleased with that.

The "Catching Up" bit?  Well, I'm sure you're all concerned about the vintage Pyrex I spotted a few weeks back now.  I popped back into the hospice shop, and figured if they were still there, it was clearly meant to be.  Well, both the dishes were still there, but only one of the lids. The other one had either been broken or sold, they've been rearranging the store, so I can guess there may have been a few casualties.  The lids being there was half of what attracted me  in the first place, so no lid, no sale.  Booo.  I also found a red snowflake pyrex divided serving dish.  Had it been a single dish, rather than divided, it would be sitting in my kitchen right now, but I can't find a use for a divided dish. If anyone else can, however, comment & we'll try & work something out. That said, I should probably buy it & ebay it...  Hmmm.

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  1. Hi there, my DD loved In the Night garden' and I recently gave all our ITNG stuff to my friends little girl as she has grown out of it. My Son however loved 'Teletubbies' now thats going back at least 6 years now! Great you have found a matching Jasper' trousers as well. Bx

  2. Cute little trousers...nice finds x

  3. Oh I can't stand In the Night Garden! But I do love the trousers!! x

  4. super cute trousers nice finds

  5. Ahh, nice book and trousers!

  6. Lovely trousers in a summery colour too.
    I quite like the Night Garden far more than my children I think.


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