Saturday, 25 June 2011

Not at CyberMummy part 2

Still not at CyberMummy.  It's 10 past seven in the morning & the washing machine is on again.  No, I'm not still infested with the spirits of Kim & Aggie.  Squeaky started up crying about an hour ago, so I went in to settle her.  She decided she wanted milk, which I went & got, she drank it, then threw the whole lot up over herself, me & the bed.  The same bed in her bedroom that I finally washed the linen on a couple of weeks ago for the first time in FOREVER.  (Not her bed, there's a spare single in there)  So her clothes, my clothes & the bed linen are all in  the wash.

It's amazing how quickly milk turns to cottage cheese in the tummy of a small person. As soon as something that will occupy her for more than 5 minutes comes on, I'm going in the shower. I smell of sick.  As for the not at CM aspect, if I had been there, I'd still be dealing with sick, from the other end of a phone call.

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