Sunday, 18 October 2015

Winter can be Hotter than summer!

OK, OK. Bad blogger, no postie.  I know. Slap on the wrist and 200 lines "I Must Update My Blog More Often".  But honestly, I've been being a busy little bunny.  This week more so than most.

I am a lucky lady, I can't deny that. And when Hotter, those amazing shoe people told me that they were holding an event in their Cardiff store, and asked if I would like to come along, the only question in my mind was how quickly I could say "Yes" without looking like a complete Billy-No-Mates.  Especially when they said they were co-hosting the event with Taking Shape, a clothing store I'd never visited, but heard a lot of good things about.  (Theirs is for another post, at least partly because I was having so much fun, I forgot to take any photos & that's a very good reason for a return visit!)

So, braving the rush hour traffic, albeit from the opposite side of the road, I headed into the bustling metropolis that is Cardiff on a Tuesday teatime.  We started off by getting styled and our heads slightly swollen by the lovely ladies of Taking Shape, before we relocated just along Queen Street & into the St David's Centre for the comfort of Hotter.  Comfort in every sense of the word.

Having come straight from work, and a meeting in a school, I was in my professional look which boils down to shiny and too-high wedge heels rather than a battered pair of trainers, so my feet were crying out for a properly comfortable alternative.  This is where Hotter are amazing.  I've never been anywhere where there are so many comfortable shoes.  And not the sort of comfortable that Aunty Mabel would wear - though that is where Hotter started out.  I remember a few years ago, next door to my office was a shoe shop.  An old people's shoe shop.  Orthopaedic shoes, zip up bootee slippers, and a Hotter logo in the window.  That was what I knew about Hotter before visiting them.  They don't hide from the fact they started out making slippers.  But now, they make gorgeous shoes that are as comfortable as slippers.

Forget granny shoes. Forget shoes that look suspiciously like Cornish Pasties. And definitely forget the tartan zip up bootee slippers (though there are a pair under my boss's desk)  Hotter make some STUNNING shoes.  And boots.  Oh yes.  Boots.  I had honestly given up on the idea of finding a pair of knee high boots that would do up on my calves.  And I'm told I've got good legs - I know plenty of people slimmer than me who struggle even more than I do.  But when I walked into Hotter on Tuesday, I think I must have entered some sort of alternate reality.  Not just one pair, but I actually had a choice!  I have actually died and gone to shoe heaven.

The hardest part was deciding.  Beautiful shoes, amazing details, glorious colours.  Or miracle boots. You know me, don't you?  The boots it was.  We won't mention the fact that by Wednesday morning I was all over their website like a rash, ordering one of the many pairs I'd left behind.  And we will try our best not to think about the others, so many others, like seashells left on the beach, waiting for someone else to discover them, take them home and love them.  (Am I taking this too seriously now?)

I won't pretend Hotter shoes are cheap.  But I don't like cheap shoes.  Cheap shoes fall apart quickly, rub your feet, and end up costing a fortune in replacements and plasters.  Quality is where it's at.  So, if your feet need a treat for the festive season, and you want to experience a Hotter Moment for yourself, then give them a go.  I've got a lovely discount code for you... PNDTEN  which will give you ten percent off any full price items on their website, and free delivery*.  What are you waiting for?  Seriously?

*New customers only. Full price items only. Excludes shoe care productss and gift vouchers.

DISCLAIMER: I was invited to attend the above event free of charge and gifted an item of my choice from the current range. I was not required to write this post, and not told what to say.  All content remains my own.  Links are provided for convenience only, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme and will not receive reward for their use, nor the use of the above discount code.