Frustrated Nail Blogger

I'll let you into a little secret.  I'd love to be a nail blogger.  You know, these people who take inspiring pictures of their own nails, with beautiful manicures and immaculately cared-for cuticles.

Except that my cuticles usually hover somewhere between bad & terrible, I use my nails as can openers, screwdrivers, and general household tools far too often, and I've yet to find a polish that stays on my nails for more than 48 hours without chipping off.  Unless I hate it, in which case it'll last for weeks!

This is my frustrated nail blogger pledge to you.  If my nails are visible in a picture, and painted, I'll tell you what nail polish is shown.  And if I can work out some sort of code, and remember to update regularly, I'll find a way to put pictures of my polish (or nails if I've done something good!) on the main page of my blog, so you can share in my shiny.  I like shiny.

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  1. !

    No nail blogger wears nail varnish for more than 24 hours anyway!!


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