Thursday, 2 June 2011

Koo-Di Baby-Go Review & GIVEAWAY!

Yes, you read that title right, a GIVEAWAY, right here on my little blog!

Well.  A review first.  Earlier in the week, I received a little parcel from the nice people at Koo-Di, with one of their Baby-Go portable change packs to try out.  As we were off to the Hay Festival, and I wanted to keep kit to a minimum (more free hands for gathering up pens & entering competitions!), I thought it would be the ideal place to try it out.

The kit is roughly the size of a birthday card, but a bit thicker, obviously, as it contains a nappy, 3 (very) large wet wipes, an antiseptic hand wipe for cleaning adult hands and a disposable changing mat.  All in a resealable package.  It fits comfortably in a coat pocket, in a handbag, or underneath the Symbio!

I have to admit, the thought of only three wipes made me a little nervous, Squeaky has been a poo-y child recently, but as luck would have it when I came to change her, she was only wet.  The wipes were also far larger than I had imagined, and I think that for most circumstances they would be more than sufficient.

The changing mat was slightly padded, giving a comfortable & soft surface (I changed Squeaky on a deckchair)  Not a huge mat, but big enough to keep her clean and hygienic.  The mat folds out, and has arms, on which the pack of wet wipes and the antiseptic hand wipe are secured.  I thought this was a smart move, there's nothing worse than having a half naked baby & you're rooting around in the bottom of the bag for the wipes.  The nappy was good quality, and absorbed well.  No complaints from Squeaky.

When you've changed the baby, you can roll the nappy up in the change mat, and place the whole lot back in the plastic bag, which then seals, meaning you can dispose of the whole lot easily and discreetly.  While the Baby-go isn't cheap, compared to buying nappies in bulk, I would happily splash out on a few for those times when space is at a premium for a short time.  I would have loved to have had a couple in my handluggage on holiday.

Baby-go is available in sizes 2 (7-13lb), 3 (9-20lb), 4 (18-30lb) & 4+(22-40lb) for babies from 3-18kgs. The Baby-go is available from Sainsbury's.  Find out more about Baby-go, and Koo-Di's other products at

You're waiting for the giveaway, right?  Patience.  Deep breaths.  The lovely folk at Koo-Di have given me 5, yes FIVE Baby-go packs to give away to you.  I'm going to keep things simple, because that's all I can cope with.

To enter:

  • Follow this blog on Google Friend Connect (there's a button over there on the right), and comment to say you have done so, telling me which size Baby-Go you'd like.  (Tell me your twitter name or leave me another way of contacting you, please!)
Simple, isn't it?

For a bonus second entry:
  • Tweet: "Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes! I want to win a Baby-go change set with @meedja and Squeaky Baby at" and comment to say you've done so.
UK Entries only, please.  Entries close at midnight on Wednesday 15 June 2011.  Winners to be chosen at random & contacted on Thursday 16 June.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Koo-Di Baby Go pack free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I was not told what to write, and all opinions are my own.  Links are provided for your convenience only, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme & will not receive reward for their use.


    1. Follow you and Squeaky!! Size 4+ for my big boy!! @wendymcd83

    2. @bubbalovesblog on twitter , id love to win size 3 please

    3. ive tweeted @bubbalovesblog x

    4. I'm so, so sad I can't win, since I'm not in the UK. :*(


    5. I am following your blog via GFC :) Size 4 would be best for me please.

      Twitter id is, @mum2alesha


    6. I have also tweeted @mum2alesha :) xxx

    7. size 4+

      looks great, following with gfc


    8. i have tweeted as @ashlallan

    9. I think I would need size 4
      Now following via GFC

    10. and I tweeted the comp @Dorothee77

    11. following, size 4 please, @pooohbear2811

    12. Follow your lovely Blog and would like size 3 please :-)


    13. Have also Tweeted @MrsWebster147

    14. Followed! :) Size 4+ for the monster schmoo.

      - Gingembre/cabbagemedley

    15. I'm following you my dear! Size 4+ for my little wingnut.

      twitter name is esthermate

    16. I follow your blog on Google Friend Connect. (@pandcands on Twitter).

    17. I've tweeted! (@pandcands) Size 3, please, if I win.

    18. I am following via GFC - robertfox24

      If I win I would like them in size 4+ please

      Twitter - @bloomingfox
      Facebook - Kirsty Fox

    19. BONUS ENTRY - I have tweeted - @bloomingfox

    20. Follow your blog and would love size 4+ please xx


    21. I've tweeted too x



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