Saturday, 2 April 2011

Feeding Woes - The battle continues

If you were reading this blog back at the start last year (Ooops, I let my first blogaversary slip by without noticing), you've been bored enough to read the archive, or you've had me earbashing you in real life, you'll know that La Squeak had issues with her weight when she was a tiny creature, but with a whole load of support from our Breastfeeding Support worker we worked out supplementary breast feeds, expressing, and somehow dragged her back onto the graph.

Since then she's been fairly good.  Stayed pretty stable, and eaten most things I've offered her, with the exception of spinach, I'm sad to say.  A slight slip when she got an attack of Norovirus the tail end of last year, but I didn't feel much like eating then either.  Fruit, veggies, curry, yorkshire puddings, pickled onions, yeah, she's an odd kid.

But for the last week or so, it's all gone sideways.  She's cutting her first molar at the moment, and threw up a couple of small meals/snacks, I think through pain, and now she's refusing almost everything. Breakfast porridge goes down ok, though not with huge enthusiasm.  Chocolate spread sandwiches, yogurts, fruit pouches and jelly are about the only other things I'll vaguely call food that she'll even consider.  A bit of toast with philly on it was a major triumph this evening.  I'm trying not to get worked up, she's a little more inclined to eat if I'm paying no attention to her, but I'm getting twitchy.  She needs more food, dammit!

She ate a slice of ham from the samples at Tesco's deli counter yesterday, but when I offered her the same at home, she didn't want to know. Grrr.  I think I'll just put a picnic on her tray tomorrow & see how much goes in her, rather than down the walls.  I'm sure there's some more pickled onions round here somewhere.

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