Monday, 25 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Toytown

This isn't the Magpie Monday I planned to post today, that one can wait til next week.

Today is toyday, I've decided.

We hit the car boot sales of Cannock yesterday, after a thoroughly unsuccessful tour of at least half a dozen uninspiring charity shops on Saturday.  And after about an hour, we thought the car boot sales were going to be just as fruitless.  I spotted a couple of In The Night Garden... books & toys on one stall, but they were overpriced, and the stall holder wasn't prepared to haggle at all, so we walked away.

We were just about to give up, and I'm not joking here, honestly, we were all set to go back to the car as we'd had enough, when we realised there was *just one more row* on this side of the sale, so we might as well finish the job.  And there she was.  Lottie!

 For the uninitiated, Lottie is a Mamas & Papas rocking ladybird.  Cost about £60 new, give or take. I paid £5 for her.  They're selling for £20-£25 on ebay, so when Squeaky grows out of her, I may well sell her to get my money (and more) back.  She's in really good condition.  We borrowed a Lottie from our local toy library a few months ago, and that one was far more worn & stained, this is almost brand new. We love Lottie!

Come join the Magpie Monday party.  Me and My Shadow


  1. Oh wow! Love Lottie!

    What an amazing bargian at just £5. Just goes to show - perserverance pays off lol.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. wow! bargain indeed - and you may yet make a profit!! now that is cunning! hope squeaky baby enjoys it!

  3. Fab! Always worth going around twice. You can often spot stuff you didn't see first time around.
    It's wonderful when you get a bargain, use it and then sell it on for a profit ! woop!

  4. Awwww thats so cute and what a fantastic bargain well done magpie hehe

  5. Tahts the kind of toy I love - take a peek at what I got yesterday from our local car boot! Mine was toy tastic too!

  6. Lottie is a lovely toy. And all the more lovely when she might be willing to fund another car boot rampage in a few years time!

  7. That's brilliant - just goes to show, never give up!

  8. Ahh that is so cute, great find x

  9. These are great and what a bargain.

  10. I have never seen one and love her! What a great bargain. Netmums, car boots and charity shops can save you a fortune on toys etc.
    My finds are over at
    I cannot stand people who won't haggle at car boots - it is all part of it!


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