Monday, 4 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Foodie Special

I had a couple of options for this week's post, but I've gone with the foodie choice, for no better reason than that I am thoroughly BORED of clothes.

When we were in Bournemouth the other week, we went into Poole, which is seemingly Charity Shop Central.  However, I found almost nothing that took my fancy, and then bemoaned the fact that all I bought was a toast rack, not exactly a photogenic or interesting item.  Then I stopped to think about it, and about why I'd bought the toast rack in the first place.  And realised that actually, it was pretty much a perfect Magpie Monday purchase.

For me, Magpie Monday is about making the most of your money - not buying new, expensive items just because, when there's an alternative that will be every bit as good for a fraction of the price.  Reusing, reimagining, finding another life for something.

OK, so how does that match up with a second hand toast rack?  That in all honesty was probably no cheaper than one from the High Street.  Well, here's the deal.  Squeaky has discovered a love of toast.  Breakfast time, mid morning, generally whenever I offer it to her.  Toddler snacks are obscenely expensive.  A slice of toast, left to cool & crisp, then spread with butter can be packed up & taken out as a mid morning snack for roughly nothing, as we'd have bread around anyway.  And it will be met with much the same level of excitement as a biscuit, fruit bar, or whatever.  So, not only have I saved a bit of tree, metal, whatever, in buying a second hand toast rack, but I save money every time I use it as Squeaky has a free snack, rather than an expensive packaged one.

While we're on the subject of food, I have a confession to make.  I'm a rubbish cook, with a fetish for cookbooks.  I'm sure I'm not alone.  I read them, look at the pictures, get ideas, and do nothing about it.  I'm trying to curb this habit, but if I find a nice looking cookbook on my travels, I can't resist snapping it up, in the hope I might actually use this one.

The Readers Digest one cost me 50p from a car boot sale in Cannock, the M&S one £1.50 from the BHF shop in Weston.  You never know, I might make something from one soon.  Maybe.

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  1. Love it - we have a toast rack and it is use all the time! Great find! And brilliant words on Magpie Monday!

  2. I love toast racks. Have wanted one for ages and have no idea why but I associate them with glamour even though mine which is a bit like yours cost just 50 pence.
    Was almost tempted by a Marmite one but as it was a fiver left it on the shelf. I could quite happily collect toast racks. Is it their association with guest houses? Dunno but I love them
    My find are over at
    I think a lot of charity shop shows what we aspire to be rather than what we are

  3. Ahh I love how you've captured the essence of Magpie Monday :0)

    Can't beat a slice of toast either nomnomnom x

  4. I use my toast-rack to display books, in fact I've just photographed it for a future post - but toast works too!

  5. I too hold my hand up to a very out of control cook book addiction!!

  6. There's nothing tastier than toast left to cool in a toast rack spread with butter and a dash of marmalade...yummy!

    I love the cook books too...maybe one day eh x


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