Monday, 18 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Storytime

Once upon a time, there was a very Squeaky baby.  She went with her mummy & daddy to visit Grandma & Grandpa.  While they were there, they went on a nice walk.  Squeaky's mummy had just changed Squeaky's nappy, so didn't take the changing bag out with her.  Silly mummy!  They had a lovely walk in the sunshine, and found a car boot sale.  Sadly, there wasn't very much there, but Squeaky's mummy did find a lovely yellow top & trousers for 50p. which she thought would be lovely for springtime.

Then, everyone went to the coffee shop for a nice cappucino.  Squeaky had a drink of her own.  Then something terrible happened.  Something the mummies reading this have probably already anticipated, but for those who haven't, or are of a delicate disposition, I can only refer to as The Poosplosion Incident.  Oh Dear!  Squeaky's trousers and vest were covered in sticky poo! Whatever could we do?  Luckily there was a supermarket nearby, so Squeaky's mummy bought some nappies and wipes.  And Squeaky got to wear her brand new outfit on the day that it was bought, because the alternatives were either half-naked baby, or stinky poo-covered baby, neither of which are really very nice.

As you may have guessed, this is that outfit.

And as it's story time, a story book for Squeaky.  My aunt is bordering on certifiable, and for some reason buys pretty much everything she finds with ducks on it to send to me.  I still haven't figured it out, so if you have any insight into the workings of the minds of aunties, let me know.  Well, this book, I figured "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em", and thought I may as well buy it myself, as I was bound to end up with a copy at some point.  It's not bad as far as they go, even though Squeaky's not 2 yet, she can't read the cover.  It's not like an 18, they don't suddenly start talking about "adult themes" in 2 year olds' books.  I'm wondering now, what would be appropriate in a 2 year old's book, but not in a 1 year old's? 

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  1. Very funny post, made me laugh a lot!

    You do realise that as soon as squeaky turns 3 you'll have to get rid of that book. It will no longer be suitable !

    Thanks for linking up x

    Sorry, I think my daughter deleted your comment on my blog. I turn my back for a minute and she's deleted 2 comments. Grrr

  2. oh lol i remember those days well ewwwwww :0
    Lovely little outfit for 50p though grt little bargain and as for the book always makes me laugh when they have books for certain ages!

  3. haha! Now when i see ducks I shall think of you! How lucky you had the emergency outfit!


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