Sunday, 3 April 2011

Baby Royale Luxury Blanket Review

I was recently sent a Baby Royale luxury blanket to review with Squeaky.  She seems to have inherited my need to be very warm at night (as we discovered during the cold spell earlier in the year), so this seemed like a good product for us to take a closer look at.

The blanket is made from 70% bamboo & 30% organic cotton, in a handwoven style. When I saw the size of the envelope, I expected something tiny, but it's a full sized baby blanket.  The bamboo & cotton mix makes a fine silky-soft fabric, which is heavier than it appears.  Does that sound strange?  It's not a heavyweight blanket, but has more substance than simple cotton blankets of the same thickness.  The thinness of the fabric makes it ideal for travelling as it takes up so little space, and I wish it had arrived a few days earlier, so I could have taken it to Devon with us as space was at such a premium in the car.

Squeaky seems to like it. The weight of the fabric means that even with a world class wriggler, it doesn't fall off her in the night.  I like it too.  She's been having some dicey nights of late, and I've found myself in her room at 0-dark-early once more than I'd like. The blanket has found it's way to my knees or shoulders a couple of times, to keep out the 3am chills.  It's not a "hot" blanket, the sort you'd find in granny's spare room, but the fabric keeps the cold out and lets you keep a comfortable body temperature.

I'd never considered bamboo fabric before, despite my teenage forays into those hippy shops full of alternative fabric clothing, joss sticks & wind chimes.  Bamboo is regenerative, the plants are trimmed to obtain enough bamboo for use,and the crops regrow, rather than having to be planted again.  It's naturally hypo-allergenic too, and so soft they advise against using fabric conditioner (which saves me money). I'm not going to go out & replace our entire wardrobes with bamboo clothing, but I would certainly consider this as a welcome gift for a new baby.

The Babyroyale luxury baby blanket is available from Babyroyale directly or from the online nursery shop Hello Baby. Hello Baby also sells a wide range of other baby and nursery stuff including Baby Toys, nursery furniture, travel and safety products.

Disclosure: I was provided with a BabyRoyale blanket free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I was not told what to write, and all opinions are my own.  Links are provided for your convenience only, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme & will not receive reward for their use.

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