Monday, 11 April 2011

Magpie Monday - Holidays 2

I promised you some of the bargains I did buy (as opposed to the list of bargains I didn't buy) when we were in Devon the other week.

Right. First of all, proof that I do occasionally buy things for me, not just Squeaky.  A crinkly Cotton Traders shirt.  Soft as anything.  I'm not 100% convinced about it for work, the buttons are a bit eager to pop undone, but as a cover-up it's fab.  And a random book, as I'd finished the book I took with me, and needed something to read while Squeaky's drifting off to sleep of an evening. The cover just appealed to me.  It's actually already gone back to one of our local charity shops, despite the comment on the inside cover that it's "Brilliant, a keeper".

Second up, a holiday outfit for Squeaky.  Picked up on a car boot sale somewhere near Torquay.  According to the lady I bought it from, it came from Malaysia, and was bought for her child, who then grew at all the wrong times so never got chance to wear it.  There was a yellow & green one too (like the top bit of the shorts), but I fell in love with the colours on this one.  If anyone says Squeaky looks like a boy, they'll have me to answer to!  It's all handmade, the waist fits perfectly now, but there's so much stretch to it, we'll get loads of wear, I think.  I love to put Squeaky in unusual clothes, rather than have her looking the same as everyone else's child.  It's more fun that way, and it's easier to spot her in the middle of a playground if she's the only one in a fuchsia pink cardigan!

ARGH!!  There was going to be another picture here, and a story, a tale of drama, woe and remarkable prescience.  But Blogspot is apparently not in the mood for uploading the other photo, and I have to go to work. So that will have to wait til next week.

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  1. Love the holiday outfit - squeaky's going to look super cool!

    Thanks for linking up xx

  2. The outfit is wonderful and great for the sunny weather.
    I like the shirt too, great for lounging around in.
    Look forward to more next week
    My lot are over at

  3. look forward to next week after the teaser x


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