Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Devonian Adventures

I briefly mentioned yesterday that we'd spent last week in Devon, didn't I?  I have a great love for the concept of the Sun £9.50 holiday, even though the reality is more like £60, once you've paid for 4 people, entertainments passes & service charges.  We took them up on the option of extending our short break to a full week, thinking that in March, having a week might stand us in slightly better chances of having a day or two's decent weather.  As it was, we were blessed with a whole week of sunshine, and made the most of the opportunity to get out & about.

So we packed up the car with Plum breadsticks, chocolate buttons, our Beautiful Creatures CD, more wet wipes than you can shake a nappy bag at, rice cakes, and all the other essentials of a long car ride, plus clothes, cot, blah-de-blah for a week away.  And off we set.  Via grandparents & various service areas along the way until we hit Brixham.

Squeaky loved exploring our chalet, though we were all a little off-balanced by her cot being back in the (tiny) bedroom with us, rather than on her own.  That said, give her her due, she slept well most nights.  I think she wore herself out.  Because was she ever active?  Walking as much as she could managed all day, and spending all evening exploring the stairs in the bar.  Why are stairs so exciting?  There's a dancefloor, with flashing lights and other children on it, but she'd rather practice stair climbing.  And then not go anywhere when she gets to the top.  Odd.

I think we're quite lucky at the moment, and I'm making the most of this stage, I know from talking to friends that it will soon pass and become expensive.  Squeaky LOVES those sit on rides, like you find outside the supermarket, and everywhere in seaside resorts.  However, she's far to little to get the idea of them moving, and would seriously freak out if we put our money in & made them go.  So she just enjoys sitting in the car, spaceship, whatever, and talking to any handy characters that are sharing her seat.  See?

These last two are on Teignmouth Pier, one of my favourite places in the world, and a complete mind-bending timewarp.  It's like walking into 1979, except I'm allowed to cross the road on my own now.

I have not received payment for, nor been asked for, mentions of any of the brands mentioned in this post. They are simply things that made my life easier.

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  1. I love that I'm not the only one who refuses to put money in those rides for as long as I possibly can!!! Brilliant! x


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