Monday, 14 March 2011

Magpie Monday - Holidays

After missing last week's Magpie Monday, by being away (more of that in a mo), and the same for next week, I thought I'd go with a holiday theme today.  Some of the bits & pieces I've found for Princess La Squeak to wear on her jollies later in the year, if we're lucky enough to get some sunshine.

First off, a Next shirt and unlabelled trousers.  Picked up in the hospice shop by my mum's, buy one, get one free, so the whole outfit was £1.50.  I have no problem in dressing Squeaky in things that are supposed to be boys clothes, and she doesn't know.  Matched with a girly hair clip and pink shades, she'll be cool & comfy, the trousers are really soft.

Next, another daytime outfit.  This one from H&M, via the NCT sale.  £1.00 for the top & bloomers.  I tried to take a close up of the broderie anglaise, but I'm really not that good of a photographer.  Trust me when I say it's delicate & lovely.  How long it stays pristine white when madam's inside it, I dread to think. Makes me suspect it hadn't been worn, as it's perfectly white.

My friend's getting married in August.  I'm looking forward to shopping for an outfit for me, it seems ages since I wore anything other than jeans.  But obviously Squeaky's going to need something as well.  I spotted this creamy white sequined & embroidered dress scrunched up in a heap underneath the rail at the NCT sale.  It's only Primark, but even they don't sell for 50p new.  It'd got a little mark on it, I think from being on the floor - either feet or wheels, but after washing it's fine.  And crinkle cotton, so car seats, buggies and generally having to sit still for more than 30 seconds won't affect the look.

A pretty little Gap shirt dress.  Very very simple, just a little pintuck embroidery detail running down the dress.  It's about a year bigger than Squeaky's currently wearing, but I have a feeling it's going to come up short on her.  It'll look great with a pair of leggings though, or jeans & a long vest if she (inevitably) grows into it in winter rather than summer.  NCt again, £1.50 this time.

And finally, for the evenings, a Monsoon kimono style shirt.  This is supposedly 6-9 months, but there's still masses of growing room in it, and she's had so much wear out of it already, it was definitely 50p well spent.

As I said, we were away last week, and I spent an afternoon strolling up & down the High Street in Poole.  I've never seen so many charity shops in one place. I couldn't even look at the bric-a-brac & homeware stuff, we were on the bus, with limited carrying & storage space thanks to the lightweight buggy.  But, despite being Charity Shop Central, the only thing I found to buy was a toast rack.  Not even worth a photo.  It's a toast rack, not pretty, just functional.  Hmph.  I did find a cute card game in the Air Ambulance shop on the way home, which I have Crafty Plans for, but that's at my mum's house now to entertain my cousin's little girl.  Hopefully it will survive long enough for me to be creative with it.

Edit: Knew I was missing something... Me and My Shadow


  1. Oh my, those clothes are gorgeous!

    Love that you dress your girl in boys stuff sometimes, I do that too!

    The white outfit is beauutiful with those little bloomers, I bet that's going to look super-cute!

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. ooh, I love your bargains. When I was on my own with No1 Son many years ago, I used to shop at the boot sales. Some people thought I was mad, but then others would say "oh your son is always so beautifully dressed". Horses for courses I say xx

  3. Oh what lovely little outfits, your daughter is going to look simply gorgeous :-) x

  4. Cute clothes! I never find anything nice secondhand for my two, seems to be my achilles heel...

  5. great clothes ive always dressed my DD in mostly 2nd hand clothes as kids clothes are so so pricey and they do tend to get ruined easily so can save a fortune and plenty of bargains to be had!

  6. Cute stuff! Anybody who turns up their nose at such bargains is a fool, a FOOL, I say!

    PS: I do not get toast racks. Why would you want your toast to be cold and hard? I want my butter to melt into it, not be hard slabs sitting on top. My grandfather always wanted his toast so darkly brown it was almost burnt, and he'd lean two pieces against each other on his plate, so they'd be crunchy; he liked hard butter on his toast. We had to agree to disagree. ;)

  7. Great clothing finds and like that you selected a theme.
    Also thanks for the heads up on another good charity shopping venue.
    Toast racks - I have a thing about them! And I like cold toast!!
    My finds are over at with a theme that is quite topical


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