Thursday, 20 September 2012

When Do I Get My Badge?

I was a prefect at school. It was a great day when my friends & I were handed that badge of power.  OK, only the power to stop 11 year olds from going to the toilet until the could name all the members of New Kids On The Block in order of fanciability, but power all the same.

Yes. I know.

Once we leave school, where's the badge of responsibility?  I have a work's ID card (in fact, I have two, one from my employer, and one from the owners of the building we work in, so I can get in the door), the only thing that gives me is 10% off in my local 'Spoons.  I have a bank card, all that gives me is petrol.  I have a driving license, and all that gives me is a worry that this is the month the speed camera van will finally catch me unawares.

But I have to be a proper grown up person.  Take today for example.  Aside from work, I have bought furniture polish, forgotten to put the bins out, filled in Squeaky's school registration forms (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!), bought bird seed for the resident sparrows, registered with a new GP, took a healthy, home cooked lunch to work, and actually turned down the option of cake (OK, I might have had a doughnut earlier, but even so, there was cake & I didn't eat it!).

So, come on world, where is my Grown Up Badge?

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