Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cocoa Boutique Review

I'm never one to back down from a challenge.  Especially when that challenge involves sampling 15 different luxury chocolates and reviewing them, well, who am I to say no?

The fine people of Cocoa Boutique had the idea to set up a chocolate tasting club.  The introductory selection costs £34.95, and then future boxes are £19.95, and can be sent monthly, quarterly, or 6 monthly, depending on your preference (or gluttony levels!)  A little expensive to buy for myself, but a lovely gift idea for someone special.

The chocolates are sent by Royal Mail, and the boxes are designed to fit through the majority of letterboxes, there's even a message to the postie to let him know that.  A cute touch, but very practical - I hate trekking to the sorting office for something that would have fitted if only they'd tried.

I hid the box away from Squeaky (who is far too young to appreciate them), and Daddy, as theywould barely touch the sides, and settled down for a full chocolate tasting experience.  You've got to do these things right, you know!  I set to opening the cardboard box, and found a beautiful black & white cardboard box. It was like a game of pass the parcel!  The menu card was in this layer, so I knew I was in for a treat, but how many more layers before I found it? Beneath the menu card, tasting notes, chocolatier biographies and some handy translations of choco-lingo, I found a black paper liner, sealed with the Cocoa Boutique logo sticker.  The last layer between me and my chocolates!  I peeled back the sticker, and there they were.

The box I received contained more milk chocolates than plain or white which suited me, and fortunately for a non-nut eater (not through allergies, just through not liking them), only one with nuts.  A few boozy chocolates, though they were more subtle than the menu would have me believe, chocolate coated coffee beans, and my current favourite thing in the whole world... salted caramels.  Yes, I did have to take that photo to make you all jealous.  There was salted caramel halfway up my wrist by the end of that!

I loved the mix of chocolates. Even the white chocolate, which I'm not normally a massive fan of, was high quality and not overly sweet.  There were some unusual flavour combinations, raspberry & orange, and cassis-pear, and the presentation set the box above the norm.

Nails: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms, Garnet Lapis
Cocoa Boutique actively seek out feedback, the menu card gives space for you to rate each chocolate, and give comments on your favourites & the whole tasting experience, and an envelope is provided to send your comments back.  Or if you're more inclined to do everything online, you can rate your chocolates on the website.

I really enjoyed my Cocoa Boutique experience, the only criticism I could make is that it seemed to be a lot of packaging, though it's all recyclable, and it did keep the chocolates well protected during their journey to my door.

Disclosure: I was provided with the Introductory Selection box free of charge for the purposes of this review.  I was not told what to write, and all opinions are my own.  Links are provided for your convenience, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme, and I will not receive any reward for their use.


  1. i won one of these taster boxes from them and got to say some didn't even touch the sides. just wish the alcoholic ones were a bit stronger (if you've ever tasted hotel chocolate champagne truffles i like that strength!lol). the pear one was amazing too :)

    twitter follower

  2. Hello,

    We have had a few people request stronger alcoholic ones but we didn't want to aleniate the people who didn't like much alcohol - this is certainly something we are working on and improving :-)

    Your feedback is very much appreciated Mini_Minx.

    Packaging we are also working on. Thanks for the lovely and fair review.

    Darren - Cocoa Boutique


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