Friday, 14 September 2012


I've been sorting through some old "stuff" this afternoon, all those things that you can't bear to part with, shove in a bag or the back of a drawer, and then find many many years later & wonder "why on EARTH did I keep this?"

Well, amongst the things I found were a pair of Coca-Cola "spinners".  Trick yo-yos, to you & me.  Apparently it was something to do with copyright on the word yoyo.

I remember collecting coke ring pulls for what felt like forever to get my red spinner, and the coke promotions team coming to our school.  If you could do a certain number of tricks, you could win a silver, or even a gold spinner.  Somehow I won the gold one.  I don't know how, I can remember being pretty bad, even then.  I could do "Round the World", which was just whizzing it round in a big circle at the end of the string. Now, it's about all I can do to get it to come back up!

Did you have one?  Can you remember how to jailbreak a "normal" yoyo & turn it into a trick one?  And could you ever actually do any of the tricks?


  1. Oh, and to the commenter on this page that blogger has marked as spam: My contact details are on the "Contact Me" tab above. If you were human, you'd see that.

  2. I loved these I remember something similar at Burger king


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