Thursday, 4 October 2012

Win a cooking lesson with Daniel Galmiche!

What are you doing on Saturday 3rd November?  I know what I'd like to be doing.  I'd love to be joining Michelin starred gourmet chef Daniel Galmiche, at The Vineyard, Stockcross in Berkshire, for a cookery lesson.  Daniel has appeared on programmes such as BBC's Masterchef & Saturday Kitchen and Sky's World's Greatest Dishes.  And now he's teamed up with food blog The Ideas Kitchen to give 4 foodies the cookery lesson of their dreams, a tour of The Vineyard's wine cellars and kitchens, and topped off with a five course tasting lunch.

Wow.  You'll find me tucked up in the wine cellar, clutching a bottle of something rather expensive, stroking it. My precioussss.

Well, if you think that you'd be a better person to go than me, and who can blame you, here's what you have to do.  Watch these three videos carefully, as Daniel meets his fish, vegetable and beef suppliers and cooks up some seasonal dishes.




Then, when you're done, Click here to answer a simple question about the videos you've just watched.  (That sounds like something out of the Krypton Factor, doesn't it? Do you remember the observation round?)

The competition is already underway, and closes on 17th October 2012, with the cookery lesson taking place on 3rd November, at The Vineyeard in Berkshire.  Good luck, I hope we both win, and I'll see you there.  Just don't come between me & my preciousssssss!

This is a sponsored post, which makes it no less interesting.


  1. Hope I'm coming with you Lorraine! x

  2. So do I!!!!!!! What an amazing prize, once in a lifetime opportunity! Can't believe he cooked in in the microwave!!!! I have never cooked fish like that and now really want to try!


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