Monday, 29 October 2012

Mystery solved!

A couple of weeks ago, when I picked Squeaky up from nursery, one of the carers told me how brilliant she'd been that day (naturally!).  They'd been looking at healthy eating & some vegetable flashcards, and Squeaky knew every veg, straight away.  Even the aubergine!  The carer said that she'd forgotten the name, and Squeaky just looked at her & piped up "aubergine", amazing everyone.

I wracked my brains, trying to work out how she knew that.  We'd been shopping over the weekend and bought an aubergine (it took me 3 shops to find one, grrr), so I put it down to that.  But I was still a little bit puzzled, they're not really an everyday veg, or not in our house at least.

Moving on, I'd almost forgotten all about that.  And then over this weekend, we were listening to the new CBeebies cd (more on that to follow), and Squeaky was singing along.  And it all made sense.  It was nothing to do with my shopping, and everything to do with Mr Bloom.  (about 28 seconds in)

"And Sebastian's a singing aubergine, la la la la, mi mi mi mi miiii!"

One more little mystery solved. Now if only someone could tell me where I put my hair straighteners!

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  1. That made me chuckle. Iola frequently amazes me with random knowledge. I expect that its all from the gogglebox


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