Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Who Fights The Monsters Under The Bed?

L-R: Mickey, Big Peppa, Baby, George, Daisy 1, Peppa,
 Daisy 2, Daddy Soup-Dragon, Mummy Soup-Dragon, Nessie
Monsters!  A serious consideration in every home.  Not just Freezer Gremlins (they're the ones who eat the last bit of ice-cream & put the empty tub back in the freezer), or Sock Elves, but UnderBed Monsters.  A plague for right-minded families the world over!

Since we moved house, and Squeaky moved into her Big Girl Bed, we seem to be monster free.  At least this far.  We have had "people" under the bed, who turned out to be Mickey Mouse & one of the Upsy Daisy twins, and apparently Daddy was under there the other day (he wasn't, he was at work), but thus far our new house seems to be Monster Free.
The Soup-Dragon family portrait

Hooray!  But before we get too excited about that, lets consider why.  In our old, creaky house, Squeaky's bedtime companions consisted of Big Bunny, Little Bunny, an Upsy Daisy or three, and occasional visits from Peppa Pig.  Bunnies, Daisies, and Peppa aren't really known for their monster fighting abilities, and as a result, Squeaky's sleep was often disturbed by the monsters moving around beneath her.

In her new, Big Girl Bed, there's a lot more space for company.  Big Bunny & Little Bunny have moved out of the bed to a new home guarding her clothes and books, and in their place we have...
At least one Upsy Daisy (sometimes up to 3)
Mickey Mouse
Peppa Pig
Georgie Pig
Big Peppa Pig
Nessie Soup-Dragon & family.

Soup-Dragon family on patrol
The latter are the best at monster fighting.  Who better to defend your sleep from underbed monsters than the legendary Loch Ness Monster, Nessie, and her Mummy & Daddy?  Mummy and Daddy are in fact a pair of Soup Dragons, of Clangers fame, but according to Squeaky they are Nessie's Mummy & Daddy.  And who am I to argue?

As far as our bedroom goes, I'm waiting to find out.  There was no space for monsters under the bed in our old house, as the space under the bed was filled with suitcases, shoes, and discarded books.  Now there's a great big empty space.  Actually though, that might be better.  If there's nothing under there, there's nowhere for a monster to hide.  Is there?? Help?  What was that noise?

This post is my entry to the Warren Evans Who Fights The Monsters blog competition.

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  1. What a colourful collection of cuddly companions (didn't mean that to sound like a tongue twister!) There's nothing to be scared of, with so many friends looking out for you in the night. And if mum gets scared, I'm sure Squeaky will let her borrow some of her little soldiers for protection


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