Sunday, 28 October 2012

If I won a Guardian Pro...

The fabulous Mellow Mummy has set us a challenge.  She's got a Guardian Pro car seat for someone to win, and in return for this amazing prize, she wants a limerick.

Now, limericks have never been my strongest point.  I may have won a competition at the start of this year with a poem, but that was a piece of poorly rhymed doggerel featuring the words "love-handles".  You don't need to know any more than that!

There's a couple of starting lines, so let's see which one I get on best with, eh?

If I won a Guardian Pro
On adventures Squeaky would go
Strapped safe in her seat
Who knows who we'll meet
The fun would leave US all Mellow!

The other starting line was When taking our "kiddy" on trips, but my brain went to bed half an hour before the rest of me, and I honestly can't think of more than one word to rhyme with "trips" right now.  So I guess that decision's been made for me.  (ps, I know there ARE more words, but they're just not in my brain right now. They'll be there in the morning, no doubt, along with a lingering feeling of embarrassment, and a cold.) Blame it on brain flips & blips! Ah-hahahaha! I'm not as daft as I look.

If you think you can do better than me, and that's not hard, why not pop over to Mellow Mummy's blog and have a go yourself?

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  1. I like this one!!! Just reading through all the entries now.


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