Friday, 12 October 2012

Domino's Gourmet Four Seasons Pizza Review

There are few things in life I like more than pizza.  I might have mentioned this in the past.  Maybe. Just once or twice.  So when the opportunity to sample Domino's new Gourmet Four Seasons pizza came my way, well, you just know I'm going to enjoy myself!

It's a hard, hard life, blogging!
I wouldn't normally have chosen the Four Seasons, but in reality, I'm not sure why.  Squeaky Daddy & I have different taste in pizzas, which normally leads to a very expensive order, as we get a different one each. The daft thing is, the Four Seasons is a great compromise, and the only quarter he doesn't like is the one that Squeaky & I claim as our absolute favourite.  The Gourmet range are on a special fresh thin crust base, with sundried tomato & garlic sauce, rather than the standard tomato.  This gives the pizza a lovely rich flavour, a little hint of luxury, and the overwhelming taste is of the toppings, not the base.  It was good to try a different pizza to my normal choices, and it's one I'll be including on my list of favourites from now on.

Let me talk you through the pizza above.  Clockwise from top left we have Rustica with chicken strips, bacon rashers, baby spinach & sunblush baby plum tomatoes, Florentine with baby spinach, sunblush baby plum tomatoes & feta cheese, Firenze with Ventricina salami, pepperoni & roquito peppers, and an un-named 4th quarter with just cheese & sunblush baby plum tomatoes.  So 2 for the veggies, and two for the meat-eaters.

Inspecting the pepperoni.
I ordered by phone, and was pleased to find that I was given an estimated delivery time.  The store took my phone number in case of any problems (they know where I am now, but I have had their delivery drivers call me in the past to identify my house as the numbers are all kinds of confusing on our street), and the driver arrived with a piping hot pizza well within the time quoted.  Great when you've got a hungry two year old & even hungrier Daddy in the house.

The Firenze quarter was pounced on by Squeaky & I straight away. I'm not going to risk losing all my pepperoni to her, and vice versa.  My biggest pregnancy craving was pepperoni pizza, and I think it must have passed through the placenta, as she's as much of an addict as I am.  The Roquito peppers gave it a nice twist, though Squeaky did insist on removing them as they look suspiciously like vegetables, and we all know that they're not acceptable in the diet of a two year old!  I tucked in as well, and enjoyed the different taste of the salami as well as the traditional pepperoni.  Very tasty.

Action shot!
Daddy started on the Rustica, and said that the chicken & bacon were a great combination.  He even braved a piece of the Florentine, after I denied knowledge of the feta cheese on top.  He doesn't like feta, whereas I love it.  Fortunately for him, when cooked it loses the distinctive salty taste, which kind of defeats the point of it being feta (this isn't a criticism of the pizza, I've experienced the same with cooked feta in other dishes).  And the two slices of the cheese and tomato turned into a battle between three of us. All in all, we didn't find a single quarter we didn't enjoy.  It was possibly a little bit too nice to share with Squeaky on a regular basis, she's quite happy with whatever pizza she's given, but as a treat I'm prepared to let her join in.

At £14.49 for a medium (11.5") or £16.49 for a large (13.5"), Domino's isn't the cheapest.  But it is convenient, and very very tasty.  And there's plenty of deals available. We get regular menus through our door with vouchers for money off, free side orders etc, and there's further deals online, all of which bring the prices right down.  I mean, yes, you could buy a frozen pizza for less, but you can really taste the difference between a shop-bought frozen pizza, and one that's been made fresh for your order.  Delivery pizza isn't really meant for everyday, in our house it's for special occasions, and for special occasions I don't mind paying a bit extra to get something I really enjoy.

Would I order again?  See you on Two-For-Tuesday!

Disclosure: I was provided with a voucher for a free Gourmet Four Seasons pizza for the purposes of this review.  I was not told what to write and all opinions are my own (and Squeaky's).  Links are provided for your convenience, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme and will not receive reward for their use.

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