Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Spot The Difference!

We were watching the telly earlier this evening, when Squeaky piped up "Look, Mummy!  Father Christmas!"  So look I did, and got a bit confused.  "Where's Father Christmas, Squeaky?" I asked.  "There, look! Father Christmas, on the telly."  and she pointed at the screen.  Where I saw a picture of... Winston Churchill?

Not Father Christmas
Not a former British Prime Minister

Now I know she doesn't know who Winston Churchill is, but let's compare & contrast.

Both are older men in pictures (though I'm sure both were young once)
Both have chubby round faces (and bodies)
Both have appeared in episodes of Doctor Who

Churchill is bald & clean shaven, Father Christmas has white hair & a beard
Churchill tends to be shown in a black suit, Father Christmas in a red suit
Churchill is not renowned for his team of flying reindeer
Father Christmas rarely appears on wartime posters

I couldn't help but laugh.  And then tried to explain that it wasn't Father Christmas but someone else, without going into too much detail.

Have your little ones had such an odd case of mistaken identity?  Or one you'd be prepared to admit to yourself?

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