Tuesday, 28 February 2012

What was number one the day your children were born?

I've been tagged by the fabulous Joanne over at The Blunt Truth to post the song that was number 1 the day Squeaky was born.

I've got to confess, I hadn't a clue.  My taste in music stopped somewhere around 2001, if you're being generous (actually probably somewhere more like 1996), and I couldn't honestly pick a Lady Gaga song out of a lineup.  But here's Squeaky's number 1.  The official video had embedding disabled, so this one just has a picture of the cover.

Who? Someone will tell me, no doubt, but I don't think I've ever heard it before.  On the other hand, the song that was number 1 the day I was born is a genuine classic, and I'm proud to be connected to it.

I'm going to tag a few people who I'd really like to see their results (partly because they'll all have more music to link than me!):

Inside The Wendy House
Blog By Baby
Emma and 3
Mummy Loves


  1. Ooh, loving Bohemian Rhapsody! I've got to admit, I didn't know what the other song was until I played it. I wonder what music will be popular when our little ones are all grown up!

  2. Brilliant! Much the same reaction in our house - Who? and A Classic!

  3. http://insidethewendyhouse.blogspot.com/2012/02/what-was-number-one-when-your-kids-were.html
    Aha I was ahead of the game! What a great song for your no.1!! Our poor little ones just get awful dance tracks!!!


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