Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Big Girl!

Today was a Big Girl Day in the Squeaky household.  We put on our Big Girl Trousers and went on an exciting adventure.  All the way to the hairdressers!

I deliberately booked the appointment for roughly naptime, as I needed my hair cut as well, and I figured she'd be more manageable well rested.  Then, typically, she refused to go to sleep in the car on the way there.  Never mind, into the Symbio, reclined, hood down, and a ten minute walk round town is enough to bore anyone to sleep.  She slept all the way through my trim, including the hairdryer bit.  Then woke up, perfectly refreshed & relaxed just in time to sit on my lap, for her First Ever Proper Haircut!  I've trimmed her fringe a couple of times, but it was getting towards the stage where a proper haircut was needed.

Here's the results - a proper Big Girl now!  I'm so proud, she was really well behaved (a Peppa Pig branded bag of mini eggs might have had something to do with that), and sat beautifully for the hairdresser, then got home and phoned Daddy & Grandma to say "Me hair done!"

One more milestone to tick!

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  1. Tell Rachel that Auntie Chile says, "Hurray for you!"


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