Thursday, 2 February 2012

CybHer Meet & Greet

Well, after letting a few experiences pass me by, I bit the bullet & am going to Cybher (I still have to book a hotel room, but that's just details). I'm not good at the whole meeting people malarky, so I figure getting onto the Meet & Greet linky that Sian is hosting might be a good move, that way I won't have to be the one in the corner looking lost, though I might just do that anyway.

This is me... in my best Facebook pose.

Name : Lorraine Cooper - or Squeaky Mom
Blogs : this here Squeakybaby
Twitter ID : @meedja
Height : 5'4", but as I live in flat shoes, I look shorter.
Hair : Currently reddish & bobbed, but by May, who knows. You might as well ask about my fingernails.

Five things you should know about me...
1. I'm really sodding nervous about this!
2. I'm deaf as a result of meningitis when I was 12, so if I don't hear you, don't be offended.
3. My fingernails will almost certainly be absurd.  I'd be a nailblogger if only I took care of my cuticles.
4. I need Diet Coke like most people need oxygen.
5. I'm addicted to Dog The Bounty Hunter.


  1. Ha ha! brilliant! Look forward to meeting you, but be warned if I stare at you blankly its because I am soooo shit with names, blogs, twitter handles etc.......

  2. Hey- a dawg fan! I find myself wanting to turn over, but just can't!! Look forward to meeting you. x

  3. Yay, I didn't know you were coming along too Squeaky! I think you made a typo in point 4 though? ;-)

  4. Please tell me what Dog the Bounty Hunter is.... I feel like I'm missing out on something life changing!
    See you in May!

    1. Dog The Bounty Hunter is possibly the worst television ever to come out of the US. A bail-bondsman/bounty hunter with a legendary mullet chasing drug dealers (mostly) around Hawaii, accompanied by his wife with infeasibly large boobs & terrifying dress sense. It's meant to be reality tv, but only for a very loose definition of "reality"

  5. I'm a Coke Zero kind of girl myself but I won't let that tar my view of you :)

  6. I'm a recovering Diet Coke-aholic - look forward to meeting you :)

  7. It will be so lovely to meet you! See you in May :-)

  8. Yay! Hopefully we'll get to meet :O)

  9. Will be lovely to meet you. See you in May


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