Sunday, 12 February 2012

Breast Aid Pads Review

It's not that often that a press release lands in my inbox that makes me think "Whu?"  Even less often that it makes me think "Whu?" to such an extent that I have to reply to the sender with my questions along the lines of "I can't quite picture it".  Enviro-Pod's Breast Aid Pads though, are a rare thing.

Squeaky and I completed our breastfeeding journey last summer, but not without a few hitches along the way.  One of which was a sudden & debilitating attack of mastitis, while away at the in-laws for a long weekend.  Fortunately, we'd been talking about mastitis the previous week at the breastfeeding peer support training, so I knew what to do.  Keep it warm, feed off that side til it's empty, gentle painkillers, and unusually for breastfeeding not listening to what your body tells you (which in my case would have been to erect a steel fence roughly 3 foot around the outside of my boob and keep well away!)

Breast Aid pads are designed to help with mastitis, and other breast pain associated with breastfeeding, choosing not to breastfeed, or moving from breast to bottle.  The pads use NASA technology to reflect body heat back onto the breast, keeping them warm, helping with milk flow, and reducing the risk of pain or easing pain that's already there.  The pads fit directly into your bra, with no need for any other fixings.  Though they were launched in Sweden, the pads are made in the UK, and endorsed by medical teams as far off as Australia.

I wish to goodness I'd had these pads during that weekend of mastitis.  My first thoughts were that they are big, but then I remembered that you kind of need the support and warmth to go round to the side as well, almost round under your arm, and that's how the pads fit.  At first glance the underside looks like shredded newspaper, but it's actually Flectalon, which is used to line preemie incubators, with a very very very thin layer of aluminium, to reflect body heat back.  (Bear in mind at this point, my boobs - non-pregnancy mode - are a GG cup, and the sample I received was the smaller size. I'm not kidding when I said they're big)

The images here are of black pads, but they're also available in white, and in small & large sizes.  At £26.00 they're not cheap, but they are washable, reusable, and could easily save a fortune in not having to buy other breast pads (and painkillers!).  As I'm not currently breastfeeding, I can't comment on how well they work for me, but I would definitely give them a chance if I head down that road again in the future.  I've got a few friends who are currently breastfeeding, or soon will be, and I'll be making sure they know about Breast Aid pads. Who knows, one of them may end up writing a guest blog for me on the subject!

Disclosure: I was provided with a pack of Breast Aid Pads free of charge for the purpose of this review.  I was not told what to write, and all opinions are my own.  Links are provided for your convenience only, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme & will not receive reward for their use.

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