Saturday, 4 February 2012


We had snow last year.  Quite a lot of it, in fact.  And we had a lot of it in the couple of weeks before Squeaky was born, two years ago.  But she can't remember that, for obvious reasons, and I don't think she remembers it from last year.

We'd had a couple of little flurries over the last few weeks, nothing that stuck around for any length of time, and always round about bedtime, so no chance of going out to play in it, though she did watch from the window saying "wow!"  Today though, it started snowing in daytime, so outside we popped to find out what this "Cold. White. Snow. Wow!" business was all about.  (This was fairly early in today's snowfall, it was too cold to head out again later)

Just peeking out from under that hood is a purple beanie hat I crocheted last year. It's still the only thing I've managed to successfully crochet.  She loves it, I'm dreading her growing out of it!
Talking of last year, the snow really brings it home, how time has passed by.  Jut look at how much we've grown!
December 2010, with Daddy, out in the road.  And February 2012, in the back yard.
It's things like this that make you realise how fast it all flies by.  Where's my baby gone?

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  1. amazing how quickly time flies...I realised only a couple of weeks ago that my nearly 3yr old is still wearing the same snowsuit that he was wearing when he was less than a year old!


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