Monday, 6 February 2012

Magpie Monday - When I Grow Up

I'm running low on intelligent content this week, my brain is kind of sleepy.  I know there's a whole mess of bargains I've picked up recently that I haven't blogged about yet, most of which I haven't even taken photos of (but when you've seen 1 pair of women's jeans, you've seen them all), but here's a special little something I had to share.

 We were in Wrexham a couple of weeks ago, and I insisted on our usual "tour of every charity shop in town", because, well, you never know.  Daddy had vanished to find the gents, while Squeaky & I were nosing around Age UK.  I'd just spotted an identical Deputy Daisy that I figured might come in handy for emergencies, and was trying to pay & hide her in my bag without being noticed, when Squeaky happened across this. -------->

I tried to get her to leave it.  Even without batteries in, she was singing away (the first pic was taken minutes after purchase, while we were topping up our caffeine levels, when we still didn't know if it would work at all.)  But Daddy's a soft touch, and so he gave in & bought it.  And then he found batteries when we got home, and got it working.  Yes, she is being a rockstar along to Bruce Springsteen. No, I don't know why.  (Actually, I've just noticed it's Rod Stewart. Don't judge me!)

The microphone isn't all that good, to tell the truth, you have to have it RIGHT up to your mouth for it to amplify & it distorts badly.  But she loves it.  Loves loves LOVES it.  It's fairly quiet, so I don't feel too badly for our neighbour when she starts on another 18 choruses of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

I honestly think this is in number 1 favourite toy spot at the moment, edging out all sorts of full priced shinies.  How do they know though? How did she immediately know it was a microphone & stand, and that what you do is take it off the stand and sing into it? It's not like we're the Jacksons or something.  I blame Upsy Daisy's megaphone - Postman Pat doesn't sing.

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  1. Ruby's got one similar she got for Christmas - along with an 'electric' guitar!! Her style is more Status Quo in moves, but she adores it too!

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. A Daddy's girl knows how to get what she wants.
    If it makes her happy, so much the better

  3. So cute! Just goes to show that shiny new things are not always the best loved
    (and I really must take some photos of my little boy playing with his toy guitar)

  4. Good find, my daughter has one too....very noisy but she loves it lol :)

  5. That's great! My youngest niece used to pretend my bedpost was a microphone, when she was like three or four. It was just the right height for her then. She's still always singing, whatever she's doing. She sings while she eats! I asked her once if she gets songs stuck in her head and hears the same thing over and over and she said, "YES! Ugh, I kind of hate that because I HAVE to sing it!" I get horrible ear worms, too, so that's no surprise.


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