Monday, 28 February 2011

Magpie Monday - Denim Daze

This week's Magpie Monday theme comes to you courtesy of a twitter tweet sometime in the week, from Karen at All About The Boys, where she tweeted "Primark or Stella McCartney?".  That got me thinking to a couple of my finds, which, while not Stella McCartney, well, you'll see.  And then I decided to go all the way down the denim route.

First off, a find for me, from last week's Cardiff Charity Shop Blitz.

Since Squeaky arrived, I've lost quite a bit of weight, and as a result none of my jeans fit.  I found these for £5 in the PDSA shop.  Can you read the label?  Let me help... 

They're, shall we say, a little snug at the moment.  That just gives me some motivation to shift a little bit more weight (and maybe grow a foot taller!)  Perfect condition, I'm not sure they've actually ever been worn.

Then, on to Squeaky's finds.  Also discovered last week in Cardiff, in the Kidney Research shop, for £2.50, this lovely Next skirt.

Next clothes look great on Squeaky (who is currently wandering round the house carrying a damp vest.  It makes a change from a towel - I think she thinks she's Iggle Piggle), because she's all length and no width. I loved the little heart shaped buttons, and this will look great in the summer.

In the previous NCT Sale, back in November,  not the one last week, I also found her this pair of Monsoon jeans for £1.50.  I'm a sucker for embellishments, and though I can sew a bit myself, I'd never manage something as good as this, so I splashed out.  I actually didn't know Monsoon had a children's range until I found these.  It's probably for the best, at least in terms of my bank balance.

And finally.  This is the picture that was inspired by Karen's tweet.  One of these skirts came from the hospice shop by my mum's house, a Rocha Little Rocha skirt, costing me £3.  The other came from the NCT sale last week, a Primark skirt, costing me 50p.  But both are gorgeous, and I'm not saying which is which.

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  1. Denim-tastic!! Great finds, hope you get to wear your jeans soon.

    Thanks for linking up x

  2. Wow lovely and will be lovley to wear! Well Done

  3. WOW! So pleased to have inspired you "beams" I very rarely buy myself anything new these days and love great designer bargain finds. D & G ! Woop go girl. Hope they fit soooooon.
    Love all the other denim delights too. Except I have to say for Next, I have a real downer on them I'm afraid and NEVER shop there. Sorry about that little rant xxx
    Great post xx

  4. Fantastic finds - can't go wrong with denim x

  5. Fab finds the little demin skirts are so cute

  6. I think the denim on the left is the pricey one.
    I love denim and it is so easy to forget just how practical and stylish it can be so thanks for the reminder.
    My Magpie Monday finds are at


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