Monday, 14 February 2011

Magpie Monday

This weekend we went up to visit the in-laws, and living as they do in the middle of Car Boot Country, I was hoping for some great finds to share with you today.  Sadly the weather got in the way, and all but one were called off, and that was only down to the die-hard mobile phone kit vendors & coffee wagons.

So instead, I'm looking forward to this Saturday when I'll hit the NCT nearly new sale in Cardiff in search of, well, whatever's there, I guess.  And in that vein, today I'm sharing with you one of my favourite of Squeaky's outfits, sourced at the last NCT sale. 

Shirt & pullover - Feu Follet, brand new with tags, £1
Cropped trousers - Pumpkin Patch, £1.50

And while not *strictly* a Magpie Monday find, another of my favourite shops for rooting out a treasure on the cheap is the Catalogue Clearance place.  There's a few of these around, for different brands, but ours is a big catalogue company (I won't say which)  Not second hand, as such, but slight seconds & catalogue returns, for prices between low & VERY low, depending on your luck.  We had a wedding to go to, a little while back now, and obviously I needed an outfit.  And I found this.

Silk Oasis dress, £6.50. RRP £95.00.  Heck, a round of drinks cost more than that!

Jump aboard the Magpie Monday train.
Me and My Shadow


  1. Oh that outfit is so sweet! I've always struggled at our NCT sales, they are a total punch-up usually, not for the faint-hearted, but i guess that's because there are such bargains.

    Well done on that dress too, what an amazing price!! Bet you looked gorgeous in it. Thanks for linking up xx

  2. I love the dress. Love vibrant colours.
    Have been to the odd NCT sale.
    I will go anywhere to root out a bargain
    My #MagpieMonday is over at and involves champagne this week


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