Sunday, 27 February 2011

Feeding Frenzy

I'm the one with the frenzy.  My previously adventurous daughter has suddenly developed an attack of the toddlers.  She's decided that, aside from breakfast & yogurts, she won't be fed.  She's got to feed herself.  And only eat roughly the third thing I offer her.  ARGH!!!  I made spaghetti bolognaise last night, because she normally wolfs it down, and we had tears and tantrums before the first spoonful had even reached her mouth.

It's not so bad if we're at home, I've got a mat down under the highchair & some of those full-body bibs, so messes are fairly easy to clean up, but what about eating out?  We've been able to take her out with us for meals up to this point & she's eaten happily & behaved beautifully.  What happens now?  Can I only ever eat at McDonalds?  (Actually, I could just fancy a burger, but that's not the point)

I know she needs to learn to feed herself.  But does she have to be so grouchy about it?  We do fingerfoods just fine, but one thing I've been so proud of this far is that what she eats, she actually eats, not throws around.  Clearly those days are gone.  Hmph.

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