Thursday, 3 February 2011


For Squeaky's birthday, one of the things we bought her was a Waybuloo ride on thing. Like this. I'd said we wouldn't get a straightforward walker, while she likes them, they're such a short-lived toy, and we really don't have the space.  I justified this to myself because of the ride-on aspect, it should keep her interest even once she can walk unaided.  Anyway, she had it a day or two before her birthday, because we had the party the day before, and I wanted to have it at the party.  And I've got to be honest, at the time, I really thought I'd made a mistake.  All she was interested in was taking the little plastic phone off it, and throwing that across the room.

But what a difference in a couple of weeks?  Now, she'll walk behind it pushing it along, walk alongside it pushing it sideways, sit on it & ride back & forth, sit on it BACKWARDS and ride it as best as the stabiliser will let her, hide things in the seat, squeak the horn, and even let some of her other toys ride on it while she pushes it around.  Upsy Daisy seems to have been given that honour most, but that might just be because she sits better than the rest.

I don't know whether she had to get used to it before she'd consider playing with it properly, or whether she just had to figure out what to do with it, but it's amazing to watch how she's figured it out. She loves it now, and I'm so glad to have got it right.  As for the little phone on it, that she was so enamoured of throwing across the room? I have no idea where it is.  And she doesn't seem to care.

I am not an Amazon affiliates member, they just had the best picture I'd seen.  I have not received anything for this post, I'm just commenting on my observations.

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