Thursday, 13 January 2011

Wrapping Up

It's almost the end of our trial of the Graco Symbio, and barring some kind of time-travel related miracle, this will more than likely be the last of my Symbio Advocacy blog posts.  We've got a busy few days coming up with Squeaky's 1st birthday party on Sunday, and the big day itself on Monday.  The house is currently awash with toys borrowed from the Toy Library and buffet items to assemble, plate up or cook.

So, I wanted to sum up the whole experience of the last couple of months with the Symbio.  I still can't quite believe I was lucky enough to be one of the finalists.  I had a million & one ideas that I wanted to do in these 2 months, but thanks to the weather, life in general, and the fact that 2 months in reality is nowhere near as long as it sounds, I didn't get to do all of them.

I tried to take Squeaky & the Symbio on as many forms of transport as I could.  It's such a light & easy travel system to use, I thought this would be fun.  So we went in the car, on the bus, on the train & on a steam train. I had hoped to get on the water bus/boat thing too, but it didn't work out, and no-one was prepared to lend me a milk float or horse & cart.  It did get me out of the house, and going places I'd never been before though.

I did hope to be let loose for a wee while on SqueakyDaddy's Sunday morning radio show, but the bosses said no, sadly.

I've honestly fallen in love with the Symbio, if Squeaky was due THIS year, not last, I'd buy one.  That's how much I've enjoyed it. The Symbio won Gold in the 2010/11 Mother & Baby awards for Best Travel System, and Silver for Best Pushchair, and I can understand why.  The design catches people's eyes, I've had any number of compliments on it when I've been out & about.  And talking of out & about, we got solidly rained on today, but thanks to the easy-to-fit rain cover, Squeaky at least stayed dry.  The same can't be said for me - drowned rat springs to mind.

So, in conclusion, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Graco for choosing Squeaky and I to take part in the Symbio Advocacy competition.  And we'd like to offer you a piece of birthday cake...


  1. You do get to keep it, don't you? I mean, they wouldn't be so dickish as to entice you to fall deeply in like with this thing and then snatch it away from you, would they?

  2. We get to keep it, yes. The deal with testing things like strollers & car seats & toys is that the company can't resell them afterwards, because they don't know what's happened to them while you've had them. They don't know if they've been looked after correctly, and if they hadn't been, they could cause an accident. So we get to keep the stroller, I just don't tell you about it all the time any more!


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