Saturday, 15 January 2011

Organix Meals

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I was very lucky to be sent some of Organix's newest Stage 3 meals for Squeaky to try out recently.  We received jars of the Organic Noodles with Fruity Chicken & Veg and Organic Spaghetti Bolognaise, as well as a pack of the Organic Multigrain Ricecakes.  As you can see, Squeaky was eager to get on with the important task of eating them!

First off, we tried the noodles with fruity chicken & veg (that's the one she's grabbing in that photo, by the way!)  The official Squeaky verdict is yum yum.  For me, it's lovely as she's getting older and progressing with eating, to be able to see the actual ingredients in food, rather than one-coloured mush.  This is a brilliant example of this, pasta sauce filled with visible red peppers, sweetcorn & raisins.  Seasoned with garlic & ginger, I managed to sneak a tiny sample away from Squeaky, and it's lovely.  Really tasty, like food should be.  Squeaky gobbled it down, without any messing (even though I was feeding her in a cafe & had forgotten a bib!) 

Then we gave the Spaghetti Bolognaise a try.  I have to be honest, I was hoping she wouldn't like it.  My spag bol is one of Squeaky's favourite meals, and there's a part of me that wants it to stay that way, as it makes fairly regular appearances on our menu.  But to prove me wrong, she loved it. No, really loved it.  Even more than the chicken, which was a great success.  I've never seen her eat so fast! Not even the first mouthful "what IS this" face, just straight into gobbling and smiling, and I think I even heard a little "nomnom".  Definitely a success, albeit at the expense of my wannabe Nigella pride.

And finally, the ricecakes! I've been looking all over for plain ricecakes.  Our local supermarkets only stock the sweet ones, and I wanted to give Squeaky something to have as fingerfoods when I'm feeding her main meal.  OK they stock adult ricecakes, but they're all salted or flavoured which isn't suitable.  So I was really chuffed to get these. Squeaky's a very tidy self-feeder with snacks, she'll sit and eat a biscuit or banana quite happily, but she has a habit of just throwing things around at mealtimes, so I'm trying to get her to associate the self-feeding with mealtimes as well as snacks.  She loves ricecakes, though she was a little bit confused when she sat in her highchair & then the ricecakes came out.  The multigrain gives them more flavour & texture than the simple rice ones, as well as looking more interesting (and I'm sure if I was a nutritionist, I'd be able to tell you all sorts of things about the additional nutritional value of the buckwheat & millet).  All I know is Squeaky likes them, and even if she does throw them on the floor, they're easy to clear up.  It's serious business eating them, mind you!

I said at the start of this post that they were new, didn't I? Very very new!  The jars go on sale in Tesco on 14 Jan (that's yesterday!), Asda from 7 Feb & Boots from the end of Feb, at £1.15 a jar.  The ricecakes also go on sale in Tesco on 14 Jan, Sainsbury's from 30 Jan, and Asda from 7 Feb, at £1.19 a bag.

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  1. My local stores seem to only stock the sweet rice cakes but we just got a Tesco opposite us now which has all sorts of Organix Finger foods! We're already huge fans of these new rice cakes :D


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