Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Oh my.  I'm not sure if this is daft!  We've booked to go on holiday in May, a couple of weeks in Majorca.  I'm a bit nervous about it to tell the truth, but we chose Majorca because there've been tourists going there for longer than I've been alive, I can speak/understand enough Spanish to deal with anything major (in theory. Though the only Spanish I remember using in the hospital in DR were telling a nurse my age, and telling the anaesthetist that I was cold & deaf.  Both were true, I wasn't just telling him random things), and I figure we'll be able to find plenty of familiar baby kit out there if needed.

But of course babies have to have their own passports now.  Do you know how difficult it is to make a wriggly 1 year old sit in the right place in a photo booth, face the right way, and meet the super-strict criteria for passport photos?  Put it this way, it took 3 different photo booths, 3 lots of cash, and an awful lot of stress to manage it.  And if the passport people send it back, I'm going to have to go to Newport and SMASH them.  Or make them take the blinking photo themselves.

I'm looking forward to it, honestly, or at least I will be when the passport comes back!

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  1. Good luck with your passports! Ours got rejected twice...they are so anal. One bit of biro outside the signature box and they won't let you out of the country! LOL


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