Sunday, 23 January 2011

Time Flies Like An Arrow, Fruit Flies Like A Banana

Somehow, and I don't quite know how it happened, Squeaky is 1!  Well, actually, she was 1 on Monday, and she's almost 1 and a week now.  Last Sunday we had a party in the village hall, with a lovely collection of her friends from the baby groups, plus other friends and their children.  Why didn't I realise how much hard work it would be to organise a party for a group of 1 year olds?  I wouldn't change it for a second, it was a wonderful day, and a perfect way to celebrate Squeaky's first year, but I'm STILL tired now, a week later.

 We had cake!  Look!  

I didn't get to take any other photos, and my video has too many other people's children on it to post online without a month of getting permissions, so you'll have to imagine a dozen rampaging 6-18month olds, plus parents, loads of buffet, Pass The Parcel & the CBeebies CD.
We're coming back to normality now, the buffet has all been eaten, and the toys we borrowed from the toy library have been returned, so the house is back to its usual level of chaos.

I can't quite comprehend where the last year has gone. It's positively flown by.  It only feels like 5 minutes since I was first handed this tiny little baby, with no idea what to do with her.  Now, she's desperately trying to walk, full of determination & personality, and makes me laugh a hundred times a day.  Her current favourite thing is playing tea parties with a singing tea pot she got for her birthday... I even caught her washing up the cups in her toy kitchen earlier.  I'm constantly amazed to see how quickly she learns, and to watch her figuring out something new.

Squeaky, I love you, little one.


  1. Oh, bless her little cottons! *hug*

  2. That is an awesome(!) cake. We love Peppa Pig in our house.

    -Earl Jr


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