Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Squeaky keeps on growing, as a good baby should, I guess. And now she's getting almost too big for her moses basket, or at least to be in there safely all night, as she's fidgety. About a week ago, then, I put up her cot. So rather than being flat-packed & blocking the bedroom door a bit, it takes up most of the available floorspace that wasn't already filled with bed & wardrobe.

That's not the point though. The point is, last night, my little girl spent her first night in her big girl bed. Admittedly in her moses basket in the bed, but in her proper big girl bed, on her own.

How did I get such a placid, accepting baby. All the books and the people tell you that "Oh, she'll be all freaked out by the big bed, and not being RIGHT next to you", but she was absolutely fine, calm & sleeping peacefully. The only one who was freaked out by her not being RIGHT next to me was, errr, me! I think that's probably going to be the pattern for the rest of her life - she just gets on and does, and it's me who freaks.

Oh, and right now? She's grabbing Tigger's tail on her play gym, blowing raspberries and growling.

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