Sunday, 13 June 2010

Botch Jobs - I'm not spending money on THAT!!

Our living room sofa is a metal frame futon. Mostly because our house is so bloomin' awkward shape, it was the only one we could be sure of getting into the house. But being a metal framed futon, it's got quite sharp metal bits at the front, where it folds. As Squeaky gets bigger, and moves rapidly towards sitting, crawling and generally being all mobile-like, I figured it would be a good idea to find something to stop her being able to fall on them and cut herself open. I've bashed my ankles on them a couple of times, and they really do hurt.

Nothing exists for that, you'll be thoroughly unsurprised to learn. Until now. Take two bikini tops, of the triangular & padded variety (two tops, because there are three sharp thingies). Cut the triangles apart in the middle, so they still have their back and neck ties attached, and remove any extraneous bits of metal. Use the ties to tie the breast bits (cups? whatev.) around the futon, covering the sharp metal thingos. Be mildly amused at how your sofa is now wearing a bikini or two, but relax in the knowledge that the bikini cups are so padded you'd have to put some serious effort into hurting yourself on that bit at least.

It may not be stylish, but it works.

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  1. ha ha!!
    Love it. i know have an image of a Futon in a bikini!! i need pictures!!


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