Sunday, 13 June 2010

A couple of announcements

As I've signed up to a multitude of newsletters & the like, and am always on the hunt for something for nothing, I've been lucky enough to land myself quite a few free samples. Nothing too exciting as yet, sadly, but free is free is free, and that's good enough for me.

I haven't been asked by any of the people who've sent me free stuff to review it, but I figure, what the hey? So, coming soon, reviews of free stuff. Not only baby things, but the other stuff I've had free of late (tea bags, hair dye, etc). Consider yourself warned.

And secondly, the biggie! We're TEETHING! Oh, I am just so happy about that (where's the sarcasm tag on this thing?) Actually, so far, she's not doing too bad, I just have a mildly grouchy and very dribbly Squeaky on my hands, and Calpol & Calgel within reach at all times.

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