Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Free Reviews, baby food & tea bags

Well, you can't say I didn't warn you.  Freebie reviews, of some of the stuff I've received for nowt, for the sheer fun of it, and so that when I can't remember what was good and what wasn't, I can check it here.

  • HIPP Organic Baby Rice.  Squeaky's first non-breastmilk meal.  And her second, third, fourth... until the packet ran out.  Really nice.  Bright white, which was kind of reassuring, it looked as though it was something pure.  Mixed easily with breastmilk, and no complaints from Squeaky in the taste test.  Looks a bit like wallpaper paste when it's made up, but so do most baby cereals, I've found.  My only real criticism is that I can't find it in the shops.  Every other brand of baby rice, most of the rest of the HIPP range, but not the rice.
  • Aptamil Baby Creamy Porridge.  One of Squeaky's more recent forays into the world of "real food".  This doesn't make up quite as well, if you follow the instructions it comes out no thicker than milk, so you kind of have to feel your own way to how much is right.  Smells lovely, like "proper"adult porridge, made me feel quite hungry actually.  Again, no complaints from Squeaky on the taste test.  I probably won't buy more, the randomness of the mixing ratios is a bit too difficult when my brain is only operating on 25% power.
  • Clipper Organic Tea Bags.  Something for me at last.  I'm not a big tea drinker. The last cup of tea I had was the morning Squeaky was born, because I'd been off coffee during pregnancy, but I had to have something.  However, these are NICE teabags.  Unbleached, old fashioned big square bags.  The tea is quite smooth, no nasty tanniny aftertaste in your mouth, and no nasty tannin stains in the mug.  If you like your tea builders' style, you'll hate it, but for me, they're about as good as tea gets.  Mmmm.
Feel free to send me free things, I'll happily talk about them, even if you don't want me to.

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