Friday, 18 October 2013

Mini Malaprop

I've written before about how entertaining it can be when Squeaky misunderstands things when she's learning Welsh at school, and some of the very cute variations of songs she comes out with. But the truth is, she does that in English too, as do most children, and much as I don't want to put her off by laughing, there's times when the malapropisms are just so funny I can't help myself.

For instance, the day she decided to put my washing basket on her head in her best Dalek impersonation, and walk around the house shouting "Inseminate".  That was a tricky one.  How do you keep a straight face?

It's not just children though. I've come to realise through Squeaky, how difficult a language English actually is to learn, and how lucky we are to learn it as our mother tongue, because I really don't envy anyone trying to learn it as a second language.  It reminds me of the Greek guy who ran a sandwich shop round the corner from my work, many years ago, who proudly announced to me one day while I was buying an expensive sandwich & can of a certain energy drink: "Red Bull gives you wind!"  And all that time I'd been blaming his sandwiches!

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