Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kellogg's Give A Child A Breakfast Campaign

Have you noticed something recently, on the telly, or your morning cereal?  Kellogg's have launched their Give a Child a Breakfast campaign.   And they want you to get involved.

Shockingly, an average of 2.4 children in every class go to school each day without having had breakfast, which is over 10% of the average class size.  That can impact on their concentration, their energy levels, and ultimately, their educational achievements.  I know if I haven't had breakfast, I'm sleepy, dopey, and grumpy until I get something to eat (never mind the other 4 dwarves!).  Imagine how that feels when you don't have the option of hitting the coffee machine & office biscuit tin.  That's why breakfast clubs exist.  They give children the chance to have a healthy, balanced breakfast, in the company of their school friends, free of charge.  Arriving to school hungry means a child loses the equivalent of an hour's learning a day!

For some families, that means that they can afford maybe to keep the heating on a little later in the evening, some fresh veg to go with their tea, the cash to join in with a school trip.  For others, it means that their child is safe and supervised if parents start work early in the morning.  That may be all the difference between a parent being able to work, and not.  It improves the chances of the whole family.  Did you ever think a box of cornflakes could do so much?

Squeaky's school has a breakfast club, and when she's in the morning group at the nursery class, I hope that she'll be joining her friends and other children at the club.  I honestly believe that it'll help her learn about a balanced diet, and provide her with a great start to the day.

If you follow this link you can donate breakfasts free of charge, just by using the social sharing buttons, or watching the video.  Kellogg's are aiming to donate 2 million breakfasts to breakfast clubs across the UK through this campaign, as part of a wider aim to donate 15 million breakfasts in the UK by the end of 2016 through breakfast clubs and donations to foodbanks (a cause I've blogged about before), and an incredible half a billion breakfasts worldwide to people in need.

Watch out soon for another opportunity to help out your local breakfast club.

Disclosure: I have not received payment for this post. I will be hosting a further post in relation to this topic shortly.

Information in this post has been obtained from "A Lost Education: The reality of hunger in the classroom" published by Kellogg's, with answers arising from a YouGov survey of 762 teachers in June and July 2013.

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