Thursday, 17 October 2013

Lunch Less Ordinary Challenge Week 3

This week, Mission Deli Wraps have set their Lunch Less Ordinary bloggers a really fun challenge, and for once I had the time to get involved.  It's the third week of the challenges, but the first time I've had the chance and the braincells to enter.

The challenge was to make a wrap inspired by your favourite film or book.  I thought, and thought, and thought a bit more.  Dirty Dancing?  Not really appropriate for a 3 year old, and it's quite difficult to put a tortilla wrap around a watermelon!  Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy?  I didn't have the ingredients for a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, Tesco had sold out of Arcturian Mega-gin.  So I decided it would be a better idea if I asked Squeaky for her choices.

We couldn't come up with a Toy Story sandwich, or at least not an edible one, there's not much food in the film.  And so we turned to her favourite book, and that's when inspiration struck.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Who says that wraps have to be savoury?  Sadly there was a lack of appetising looking plums & strawberries in the supermarket, so we had to improvise slightly from the original, but we took an apple, pear, orange, banana, melon, pineapple and grapes, and got wrapping.

The starting point for our Hungry Caterpillar wraps
On Friday he ate through five oranges, but he was still hungry!
A wrap in progress

It's a wrap!  We even found our Hungry Caterpillar plate.

The sweet wraps were really tasty, and a healthy treat for lunchtime, or a change from the usual supper time biscuit.  I think next time I'll cut the fruit a little smaller to make the wraps easier to hold, but the taste was amazing.  The tortillas went very well with the fruit, just a little touch of flavour (I used the plain ones, Mediterranean Herb didn't sound right for this, somehow!)

Om nom nom!
What do you think?  Is fruit the future? We think so!

This is our entry for the Mission Deli Lunch Less Ordinary Challenge.


  1. I have to come on here to find out what's happening in my own house. Various foods appearing in the kitchen etc.
    Squeaky Daddy

    1. You love the surprises. you know you do!

  2. Fruity wraps sound great! Chopped fairly small would be easier, try mixing with some peanut butter ot choc spread if too sloppy!


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