Thursday, 9 August 2012

The LOLS of blogging

I've recently changed my email address for contacts from my blog.  My old one's still in use, so if you've got that, you still get me, but I have a new "just-for-blogging" email account.  And today it received it's first piece of spam.

The fact the name of the sender, and the name they claimed to have in the body of the post was a giveaway, as well as the obviously not-native-speaker use of English.  But they were offering to write me a guest post about keeping zombies at bay.  I'm tempted.  I really am.  If only they were writing in half decent English.  In fact, I might write my own post about the forthcoming Zombie Apocalypse, maybe?

It makes a change from the spam commenters, who are getting progressively less relevant.  Don't ask me how to buy a house in California on a post about hair dye!  I neither know or care, try a real estate forum.

Spammers are stooopid

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