Thursday, 23 August 2012

Bleedin' 'eck

We're at it again.  I really thought we'd turned a corner.  But today I got an email from Squeaky Daddy saying that she'd had a mega nosebleed in the car on the way to nursery. Great.  And then when I got to nursery, I found her in a spare t-shirt, because she'd been sitting with some of the other children on the carpet, and had another huge nosebleed.  For once she wasn't even picking it!

Now the second one is probably just a continuation of the first, it tends to go like that.  But we'd gone over 2 months without a single nosebleed, and even that one was tiny and dealt with in moments.  And now we're back to a bleedy square one.  Almost all her previous nosebleeds, with the exception of accidents, have been at night, and judging by the evidence, due to picking her nose in her sleep.   But spontaneous daytime nosebleeds are something new.  I've never (to my knowledge, mum please don't tell the world otherwise!) had a nosebleed, and while I technically know what to do, it's still kind of unpleasant.

Any other secret midnight nosepickers? Or general little bleeders?  Aside from keeping her nails very very short, I'm not sure what else to do.


  1. Hubby has the occasional 'random' nosebleed. He suffers from hayfever though and thinks it's a side effect of Beconase spray. Don't suppose she has an allergy to something that's affecting her?

  2. Linda could be close with her suggestion - allergy quite likely, family history?!?!?!


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